Mandating Moochers

(all material copyright protected and all rights reserved by Eric Andreasson)

      We all know who the moochers are. They're the one's that live off favors from Washington, D.C.. Or, more pointedly, the taxpayers. These are the welfare families, the disability frauds, affirmative action recipients, subsidized "anything" takers. Basically, people that expect something or everything for free and have no moral qualms hindering them from doing so.
      A few of us know what a "looter" is, too. These are the sad excuses for humans that sit in positions of power handing out that "free" money to the moochers. You know them; They sit in the House and Senate. They are Governors, Mayors, Justices, Czars and Presidents. They make the looting happen under some supposed color of law that isn't really there. But, they sure do make breaking the law sound good for us, don't they? It's all about us and our welfare, they say constantly. And, most everyone says "Yeah, that makes sense, the Constitution could be broken there for the good of the people. What could it hurt? I'm for it, too!!!"
      We call the facilitators of these policies Liberals. Maybe we should start calling them "looter-wanna-be"s. Because in reality that is what they are allowing and forcing to be done to the people. "Government-Hijack-helpers" is good, "Progressives" is highly misleading. I think looter-wanna-be's hits the mark square on, though. They all tend to say things like "This is what we all should be doing, BY FORCE OF LAW.......(add some random entitlement/punishment here)". So, what they're really saying is "I want to be the decider of law, and here's what that law will be, to make me all feel warm and fuzzy inside........"
      Then there's us. The people who understand the intentions and concepts in the Constitution. Those who understand true freedom. We follow the legal laws, we want peace and harmony among all people. Really. But, most of all, we want to just be left the Hell alone to live our lives quietly and productively. We don't want to tell our neighbors what to do. We think all crimes are hate crimes. We don't care what color your skin is. Just have the same view about us.
      Oh, and we hate Looters and Moochers and Looter-wanna-be's. With a passion.
      Which brings me to my point. It just hit me square in the forehead, today.
      I was listening to and panicking about these Bill summaries that are now going through our wonderful unrepresentative Houses. The establishment needs Moochers. OK, that's an easy one and most of you already understand that. They want illegals made "legal" so they can keep voting for Looters to mooch from. Piece of cake. Simple. Only the Libs don't get that one!!!!!
      But, this new "Health Reform" is another thing altogether. Every possible Bill includes mandatory enrollment. That in itself is bad enough. But, follow it further. The "experts" (to use a Lib phrase) are saying that over half of the 890 Billion dollars in spending, to get their Utopia health care, is going to go to subsidizing the "poorer" people that can't afford to pay their mandated enrollment. Over FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY BILLION DOLLARS!!!!
      That would include people like me, that have gone without health insurance most of my life. We don't make enough to pay for what they are going to make us have. I don't want it for free under these conditions, either. It's illegal. It's Socialism, Fascism, Marxism, whatever. Call it what you want, it's just simply wrong.
      So, here's the kicker, people....... Under penalty of law, including huge fines and possible jail time as a federal criminal, most of us citizens will be forced to take the "free" money to pay for the mandatory health plans.
      With one fell swoop, they will have made us become the very people we loathe.
      We will all be Mandated Moochers. And the Government was happy. So, very happy.