The little guy CAN win against the system!


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      This is another complicated case.
      It's based around an accident where my wife was T-boned by an Arizona Corrections employee on a motorcycle. It will show the amount of work we had to do to show the sytem was trying to ram a new criminal law down her throat and our success in proving the detective arrested her illegally. A wildly twisting case involving everything from suppressed facts, Public Defenders, alleged perjury by cop(s), a "Big Three" insurance company against it's own clients on tape, etc. and how the little guy CAN win sometimes even in the face of those odds.
      This will be a must read!!!! Don't miss it.

      Here's a couple of 'teaser' tape recordings with OUR insurance agent and a supervisor. Listen to where they say that they sometimes offer to pay out 'sympathy' claims (and supposedly put you in the wrong and raise your rates among other things) simply because the other person has severe injuries and you don't!!!! -As if it's some kind of 'social justice' tool they think they wield- And they blatantly admit they've done it even if the injuries weren't legally your fault, as we proved in our court case and as I strained to point out to each of these people. This is just my opinion from extensive first hand involvement in this case and their own admissions on the the tapes, below. See if you come to the same conclusion as I did. It's an interesting insight into a world where they make their own rules about who's at fault and don't strictly follow the law or court case outcomes. Bet you didn't know they had that kind of freedom with your own case and our collective money, did you? Well, listen in and hear for yourself........

Pay close attention to the agent in the second tape recording at around 37:00 minutes.....

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      OK!! I have broken out the clip at that 37:00 mark that I talked about from above so you don't have to take time waiting for everything to load and search for it. I'm all about making it easy for you!!! I still do, however, emplore you to listen to the whole audio so you take it all in context. I'm going to add links to download these, also. Again, for convenience and ease.......... MUCH more coming. Stay tuned.

Download links for tape recordings (right-click and select "Save as"):
Conversation with Geico Supervisor
Conversation with Geico Agent
Selected Clip with Geico Agent

I've added some of the pictures of the accident and damage. Click on the links below to see them!!!!

See the pictures I took at the scene of the accident.
See the
pictures I took of the location of the accident.
See the
pictures I took of the damage to the car.