A place to write down ideas that cross my brain.

Ideas and Inventions

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I have no idea whether the things I start listing here have been developed or patented yet.
This will be my repository for those thoughts just in case.

The "all vehicle" - Many years before May, 2011 - A completely modular vehicle
   That includes starting with a universal frame for different weight catagories and having motors, bodies, p/u truck beds, second frames like "split" busses that hinge in the center, transmissions, etc. all able to bolt or lock in easily and possibly by the owner with no help from a mechanic. The owner would be able to upgrade a powerplant or even radically change body styles within a very short time. I can visualize a person having multiple bodies in their garage or stored on their own properties to change out as desired or needed. Make your SUV a cab with p/u bed, your sedan an open air sportster, a 2-door into a 4-door and back, etc. by simply sliding and/or lowering the new one in place.
   I envision multiple weight catagories as including something like sports car, med car/truck, heavy duty vehicles/commercial, and miliary/industrial
   It seems to me that there could be an awesome after market possibility for this type of vehicle set-up.

LB Ultrasound transciever(?) - May 23, 2011 - One that uses a curved pad or surface to more closely match that of a pregnant or "about to give birth" mother's abdomen.

Just listing a few to start the page off - Many more coming as I pull them from my memory or other places to organize them here.

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