Proposed outline for my book.

Living with Aliens

- Outline -

(all material copyright protected and all rights reserved by Eric Andreasson 2010)

1. Forward
         1. reason for book
         2. what I hope to accomplish
         3. therapy for me in just writing it

2. Dedication
         1. to whom, and why

3. Introduction
         1. opening description

4. Chapter One
         1. Aspergers? What did You Call Me?
                  1. I never had any problems, it's the aliens that have them
                  2. it's clear to me.

Footnote: Processing delay: Sensory Integration

One of the key obstacles in Autism Spectrum Disorder is sensory integration. Issues involving sensory, and tactile perception as well as smell, food textures, and taste. Sensory problems cause the inability to filter, recognize, or organize peripheral noise or extraneous information. Examples of common elements that could be unbearable, distracting, or confusing to a student with AS are texture of clothing, a flickering of fluorescent lights, a rustling of papers, reflections in window glass, the sight of polished fingernails, or the residual smell of a classmate's laundry detergent. This sensory input may be perceived at overpowering levels and lies at the root of attention deficit for autistic individuals. Many researchers believe it is the distortion of sensory information that drives all other autistic symptoms including the phenomenon of processing delay. Parents commonly attribute the behavioral manifestation of "meltdown" to a series of "sensory events" and unexpected changes in routine that require greater than usual processing attention. A sensory event relates to new, novel, or overwhelming stimuli that need to be assimilated and processed at a careful rate. An essential shut down of other faculties may be required for this to happen. Processing delay is the consequence of an irregularly "wired" mind; inefficiently connected neurological circuitry that results in a complex framework of logic. A frequent analogy compares a neurological-typical brain as proceeding from A to B, whereas the autistic brain may travel from A to C to D to E before finally reaching B. That the autistic brain will arrive at conclusion B with equal or greater success is rarely in question. It is simply a different path of logic. Unfortunately, for people affected by AS, this different albeit dependable path is not geared to the volume-valued pace of modern conformity.

                  3. the question arises
                  4. the search among my kind
                          1. examples of my peoples anecdotes
                  5. the freight train is coming, get out of the way, it can't stop
                  6. the diagnosis
                          1. is it all in your head, literally
                  7. are you kidding? I wouldn't "fix" it even if I could!!!
                  8. the Aspie mindset as a scapegoat once it's found out
                  9. why can't we just think like aliens, they ask
                  10. OK, maybe in retrospect it makes more sense, now
                  11. now what

5. Chapter Two
         1. The Early Years Among Them
                  1. childhood
                           1. remember nothing under age five
                           2. first memories
                           3. realizing I live with aliens
                           4. the awakening is scary

6. Chapter Three
         1. An Alien Education
                  1. act differently
                  2. think differently
                  3. some alien females are kinda cute but strange
                  4. leave me alone
                  5. why do you like "them"
                  6. I can do this academic thing really well
                  7. hypocrites

7. Chapter Four
         1. All Religions are Alien
                  1. My search began at twelve
                  2. why is it so complicated, it seems easy to me
                  3. the problem is that humans write the rules
                  4. Heaven and Hell and......
                  5. more hypocrites

8. Chapter Five
         1. Searching Outside the Box
                  1. Are there other aliens, too
                  2. why is ESP so alien to these humans
                  3. just knowing
                  4. looking for directions towards answers in books
                  5. It runs in the family
                  6. even the professionals can't help aliens
                  7. stuck in two places at a time? That explains a lot!

9. Chapter Six
         1. Understanding Alien Politics
                  1. My first adventure
                  2. what is this crap
                  3. why do aliens do this to each other
                  4. feeling the effects
                           1. trying to run a business
                  5. trying to open the aliens eyes
                           1. activism
                           2. blogging
                           3. being verbal
                  6. freedom is simple, right
                  7. why don't all of you get it
                  8. the answer is: none of the above
                  9. even more hypocrites, this could be a pattern

10. Chapter Seven
         1. Making Mr. Spock jealous
                  1. It's logical
                  2. lies, lies, lies
                           1. Why do aliens lie so much
                           2. "a bigger web we weave", and that's just too complicated to remember
                           3. Don't ask if that clothing makes your butt look big, unless you really want to know
                  3. aliens are superficial thinkers
                  4. say what you mean. Speak my language, not yours
                  5. why does everyone call me arrogant? It's not logical

11. Chapter Eight
         1. Making Time Stand Still
                  1. you just said that, yesterday
                  2. it still hurts
                           1. old memories don't get old
                           2. time can't heal wounds if you don't live in it
                           3. in a minute. I'll be right there
                           4. only the impressive details remain.
                                    1. The ones that stand out to me, not always to you.
                           5. back to the one track mind, again
                                    1. I'll be done when I'm done
                                    2. Don't ask me how long. I'll only tell you what I really think is true.

12. Chapter Nine
         1. Making Friends with Aliens
                  1. qualifications
                           1. honesty
                           2. reciprocation
                  2. two-faced aliens need not apply
                  3. happy at home.
                           1. The world is a little too alien, most of the time.

13. Chapter Ten
                   1. Alien enemies
                            1. bulls-eyes on our foreheads
                            2. uneven rules. That's no lie
                                    3. the courts of law and public opinion are run by and made up of aliens

14. Chapter Eleven
         1. My Mother's an Alien, but not my Father?!!?!?
                  1. learning by example
                  2. oh, brother(s)
                  3. life with an alien mate, and visa versa
                  4. raising a hybrid family

15. Chapter Twelve
         1. Testimonials from others like me