Wandering Thru Food.


      My kids and I decided we wanted to make sure we all got together at least once a month. Each of us also wanted to learn how to cook better. So, we put the two together and came up with WTF; Wandering Thru Food (lol!).
      This is our way of experimenting with dishes we have never cooked before. We can learn learn new recipes, techniques, ingredients and just basically have some fun.
      So, around the middle of every month, we expect to post a new adventure. Some may turn out great, others maybe not so much. That's why we decided to call it "wandering". It's the trip that's fun and the company we keep in doing it that counts the most.
      I hope you try and enjoy the ones we like and pass them on to your family and friends as well.
      If you have any suggestions as to your personal favorites, please feel free to post them in my comment page. We will always be looking forward to new entrees, side dishes, deserts, and anything else you have to offer. Bon appetit!

      September, 2011 - Tomatillo-Braised pork loin with herby white beans and bacon

      October, 2011 - Smoked salmon & mushroom and mozzarella pizzas

      November, 2011 - Scalloped potatoes au gratin in cream

      December, 2011 - Chipotle and plum BBQ sauce pork ribs


      January, 2012 - Seafood fettucini alfredo