Queen, The Ugliest Dog.

I've been told she very well could be the ugliest dog in the world.

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      Hi, my name is Queen. "Quee" to my family.
      I am a Mexican Hairless. No, not the little toy dog. The REAL variety. I have one brother that is almost up to 70 pounds!
      We are called Xolos for short, pronounced "sholo". The full name is "Xoloitzquintli" which explains why we say Xolo instead! LOL . We are the oldest unmodified breed of dog in the world. 3,000 years and counting. The Aztec drawings; that's us. Mayan's too. And we still run wild in packs in Mexico and Central America. Hence the ethnic portion of the name.
      I was born with 10 brothers and sisters. (Two didn't make it.) See some of their pictures I posted. My mother's name is Uggy. I am not exactly sure who my daddy is, but there are two possibilities. I have pictures of them, too.
      I have a lot of birth defects that make me very unique and special to my humans. (Dad's the best! I love him more than anyone.) I almost died three different times in my youth from not being able to eat with my mouth the way it is. But, Mom and Dad saved me over and over. I don't really believe I'm a dog. I act more like the humans in the house. I eat at the table. I sleep in the bed and under the covers like they all do. I run the house and can bring the 120 pound Rotty to her knees with just a growl and a stare. They say I'm the "Alpha" dog, whatever that means. I don't care, as long as they obey me and tend to my every desire. :)

       (pictures are coming soon!)

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